Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gustavus ministry

Just 12 miles up the road from Mankato lies the town of St Peter, the home of Gustavus Adolphus college. Gustavus is similar in many ways to Augustana, where Matt went to college. There semester just got started 3 weeks ago and Matt's been working to connect with students there. The past two weeks he's had a group of 5-10 students show up for Bible study and this past week he got to meet up with a football player there who says he wants to be a leader in Cru and help get things going.  Praise God for the inroads He's giving us at this campus!  Pray for Matt to have wisdom as he continues to minister there.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brownies, the Holy Spirit, and serving like Jesus

Last night at my (Kristin) dorm Bible study, we talked about how Jesus came as a servant. Then we had a great conversation about things we could do to serve/encourage other people and show them Christ's love. One girl, Brenda, mentioned a friend of hers who recently found out she has cancer and was 6 months pregnant. The baby was delivered early and is ok, but very premature and she's still dealing with cancer. Another girl, Kelsey, mentioned a friend from home who's husband died suddenly from cancer. Brenda asked if our group could make cards to encourage these women, so that's what we did last night at the beginning of Bible study. It was fun to show Christ's love in this small way...and we're excited to find more ways to continue serving as a group.

We also started a new study on the Holy Spirit. It was fun to talk about the Trinity, how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate and to dig into what it means for us as believers to be filled with the Spirit. Should make for some great discussion in the weeks to come!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

what did you do for Valentine's day?

We didn't really have any plans since our weekly Cru meeting is on Tuesday nights. I (Kristin) don't usually go since its at 8:30 pm and Maggie goes to bed at 8, but I was planning to take her along this week. Then, around noon on Tuesday,our team leader, Jake, got a call from our speakers (a married couple) that they were sick and couldn't make it to speak. Jake and Matt spent a few hours on Tuesday afternoon putting together questions for a panel (consisting of Matt and me and Jake and his wife, Hilary) on relationships and love to take the place of what the speakers had planned.  I got home from campus at 5 and had a few hours to eat dinner and look over the questions before we headed back to campus (one of our teammates babysat for us!) to be on the panel. Crazy day. It was fun though, to share things that the Lord has taught us through marriage and to encourage students to view love in a biblical way and not in the superficial way our culture promotes it.

Another fun surprise of the night was the thoughtfulness of the guys involved in Cru. They pooled their money and bought enough red carnations to give to each girl there in addition to making pink cupcakes and singing a song up front just to honor their sisters in Christ.  I LOVED watching the girls' surprised and happy expressions as they got their flowers. It was such a treat for them to be pampered by godly men of Cru.

Happy Valentine's Day!