Thursday, June 7, 2012

Killing the Giants

We've been on summer project at North Myrtle Beach for 3 weeks now. Each week has a theme of sorts and this week its 'Killing the Giants'. From the story of David and Goliath, students were challenged to come up with 5 'giants' in their lives to 'kill' this week. Some prayerfully set goals to talk with family members or friends who don't know Christ. Others set less tangible goals - trying to overcome spiritual hurdles that are keeping them from knowing God more.  Everyone set numeric goals of how many spiritual conversations they hope to initiate this week as well as how many times they are trusting God for the opportunity to share the gospel. As a project, our goal is 1497 spiritual conversations and 702 opportunities to share the gospel this week alone. A big goal....but a good one!

We challenged students to consider what it would look like if they poured their lives out for the sake of the gospel for a week and to have this be that week. Matt and I have enjoyed the challenge of taking on this mindset as well. We've each spent many hours this week on the beach with students we're working with and with other staff initiating conversations. Just today we each got to talk with people who God had clearly been preparing to hear the message of the gospel clearly. I shared with Sara, who was in a serious car accident in January and just started going to church 2 months ago. As we talked through what it means to know Christ, she admitted that she doesn't have Christ in her life. She didn't trust Christ on the spot, but I feel confident that she will in coming weeks.

Matt shared with a man named Tony, who'd recently experienced some personal hardship as well and was encouraged to hear the message of the gospel clearly. On North Myrtle Beach, Matt had the privilege of praying with Tony to receive Christ!  As I write, its 9:49 pm and Matt just headed out with some guys to continue 'killing giants' and bringing the good news of the gospel to the students who are out partying all around us.

Our project has talked with so many people with such deep desire to know God...its such a joy to be in this place to intersect their lives as the Lord leads us.  Please pray for us for strength and energy and discernment from the Spirit as we trust God for a big goal this week.  Our founder, Bill Bright, defined successful evangelism as "taking the initiative to share the gospel, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving the results up to God". We're planting seeds to the glory of God and trusting Him to water them! Our desire is to share hope and see life change.