Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today I (Kristin) got to go sharing in the student union at MSU with Nikki, I student I mentor. We tried out a new tool that Cru has developed to start spiritual conversations called Perspectives.  Perspectives is a deck of cards that works a bit like a game. As you ask questions, the person you're talking with chooses cards that represent 1) their view of God 2) what they believe the meaning of life is 3) the nature of man 4) who Jesus is and 5) what their source of spiritual truth is. By the time you're through the deck, their worldview is laid out in front of them.  I love being able to listen well and really understand the person's spiritual background.

We talked with a girl named Maria today. She shared with us that she's an atheist largely stemming from some unfortunate experiences she had with the church growing up. After we heard her answers to each category, we asked if we could share how we would answer.  As we talked through the Christian worldview, she had tons of questions for us about our relationships with God (knowing God in a personal way and experiencing grace were concepts that weren't part of her background), what we believed on various issues as well as what the Bible has to say on various points. It was a great conversation where we got to genuinely hear and engage each other's worldviews.  Pray for Maria as she continues to question. We're planning to meet her again next week to share more.