Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We got back into Minnesota from summer project just a week and a half ago and promptly closed on our new home and moved in. Our last few weeks were full of travel, packing, moving, cleaning, painting, and unpacking. Whew! Its been fun to settle into our new home and to dream about the potential it has. We're located just a few blocks from campus and we have a couple good spaces to invite students into our home and to host Cru events. I (Kristin) am excited to be so close to campus so I can potentially meet with women in our home during Maggie's naps and so we can easily walk or bike to work. We've already gotten to meet a few of our new neighbors and Maggie has managed to explore almost every inch of the main floor of our house - she'd love to give the stairs a try but we're going to hold her off on that for now! Thanks for all your prayers that we would find a good living situation for our family. It seems the Lord has provided a home that's a good fit for us and that will hopefully increase our ministry potential as well!

I also wanted to throw in a few pictures from summer project. Our internet connection wasn't very good in North Myrtle, so I had to hold off on them. Maggie grew A LOT during our time there and started standing and crawling....and learned about the joys of tide pools and eating sand ;)

Pre-sand...loving the beach!

Reaction to eating sand...silly girl!

Maggie and I with the girls in the Bible study that I co-led this summer