Monday, July 8, 2013

summer fun!

In the past week, we were able to travel to Cedar Falls to see some of my family that was in town and to Alexandria to spend the 4th with Matt's family on the lake. Maggie got to meet a bunch of new people and have some new experiences, including her first boat ride!

Maggie learns new words everyday, but lately she's learned a few that have really brought smiles to our faces. The other day she came out holding her children's Bible and said 'Jesus!'  Obviously we read her a few stories about Jesus! She loves that Jesus started out as a baby.  Neat to think of how children can relate to Jesus because he started life much like they do.  She also learned to say 'Bible' and brings it to us regularly to hear more stories.

We're 6 weeks from the arrival of baby girl #2 and have most things in place though I still don't feel ready! Maggie's been practicing feeding her babies and tucking them in so I think she'll be a great helper!

Here are a few pics from our travels:

Family picnic at the park!

Exploring the 'Kid's Kingdom' near Cedar Falls.

In the 'USS Maggie' with Nana & Papa.
She also went for a few rides in a real boat ;)