Monday, August 5, 2013

Encouragement from summer projects

We shared some in our most recent monthly update, but as students return from summer projects, we've gotten to hear more stories of what the Lord did through them.  I was encouraged and I hope you will be too!

Brenda, who will be a junior at MSU this year shared that her summer project to East Asia had the opportunity to initiate over 350 spiritual conversations, to share the gospel 112 times and to see 30 students place their faith in Jesus!

Kelsey, also an MSU junior who went to Montevideo, Uruguay shared that her team initiated 623 conversations and were able to share the gospel 207 times.  From those conversations, they had 27 students give their lives to Christ. They also had the opportunity to work in an orphanage outside of Montevideo and show the children's version of the JesusFilm to the kids they worked with.

We've also heard encouraging things from Kyle and Kayla, two MSU students who were at North Myrtle Beach, SC on project this summer, Mariah, a Gustavus junior who went to Miami, Ellie, an MSU junior who was on project in inner city Chicago, and Josh, who was on an operations & technology project in Fort Collins, CO this summer.  Thank you for your prayers for these students. Please pray that students would bring the things they learned back to southern Minnesota this fall and challenge other students to take steps of faith as well.

As for us, our team starts meeting tomorrow to plan for the semester. We're excited about what's ahead even though we know it will be a busy fall for our family especially.  Our team is welcoming two new interns, Nikki and Ashlinn, and are grateful for how they will increase our capacity and provide a female presence on campuses like South Central College and Gustavus, where we only had men working last year. Please pray that we would come together as a team and that our planning would be Spirit-led.

We'll have stories soon about the beginning of the school year as well as our new baby - less than two weeks til due day!