Monday, April 22, 2013

A Reason for Hope

Our pastor was going to be out of town this past weekend for a retreat, so he asked Matt if he'd be willing to fill in for him and preach at all three services on Sunday. Matt took up the challenge and gave a talk on A Reason for Hope, looking at 1 Peter 1. With the events of the week, the sermon topic seemed well timed...neat that the Lord put that passage on Matt's heart during the prior week.This was Matt's first time preaching in a church and he looked like a natural! We were grateful he had the opportunity!

These are from a few weeks back, but Maggie had her first Easter egg hunt this year.  Here are some pictures!
Success! She found mini reeses' inside!

This was a dress my mom made for me as
 a little girl. It was perfect for Maggie ;)

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